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Cambridge Foot and Ankle Team

The Cambridge Foot & Ankle Clinic was established in 1999 by Andrew “Fred” Robinson. Fred is a highly respected Orthopaedic Surgeon with a specialist interest in foot and ankle surgery. Fred’s work has been recognised both internationally and nationally. Fred has published in the international literature and he also presents at national and international meetings.

The Cambridge Foot & Ankle Clinic is based at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital the Cambridge Nuffield Hospitals, and in these environments, he provides sub-specialist and multi-disciplinary care. Fred works in association with specialist musculoskeletal radiologists and anaesthetists.

Fred undertakes more than 600 surgical cases on the foot and ankle per year both in his practice at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, which is the University Hospital of Cambridge University, and also in his private practice.

Operations which Fred undertakes include surgery to the forefoot with minimally invasive surgery to the great toe and lesser toes. Fred has a special interest in bunion and forefoot surgery.

Fred also undertakes sporting surgery of the foot and ankle, with arthroscopic surgery to the ankle and great toe and has published broadly on Achilles tendon and ankle arthritis. He also undertakes surgery for arthritis of both the ankle and foot, as well as reconstructive surgery for ligament and tendon damage. Fred undertakes ankle replacements as well as arthroscopic ankle fusion

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