Happy feet - walking

Many thanks

“Dear Fred, many thanks for seeing me. Your advice was very reassuring”

Thank you so much

“Thank you so much – the foot is marvellous, I am so very pleased with the results”

“Jack is virtually pain free and has been back in Wales, riding for the past week – we are all very grateful to you for looking after him so well”

“I have to give you a great big thank-you. The fantastic result of all this is that I am back and dancing, with a lovely spring in my step”

“Thanks for all your care, concern and hard work getting Tim’s ankle mended again. He is doing fine, no further problems!”

“Please thank ‘Fred’ for making my consultancy with him so painless!”

“I would like to say a big thank-you for your kind and very successful attention to my big toe. Whoopee for feminine summer shoes at last!”

“Please accept my most sincere thanks for your endeavours regarding my subtalar fusion. Despite the post-operative challenges, I feel a new woman and I have to thank you for that”

“Just completed the Fast Net Yacht Race 2009 in a Cigna 38. My new feet are great – held up for hours of spinnaker trimming and walking/climbing at 45 degrees!”

“I am at the end of a week’s ski trip. After an excellent boot fitting session at the ski hire shop, I have had a great painfree holiday – the first in many years. Thank you so much”

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Foot fact:

The feet can be one of the most indicative signs of an individual’s health. Early symptoms for diabetes, arthritis and circulatory problems can often show themselves initially in the feet.